NoFap is an online community which supports people who have become addicted to porn. The website was founded by Alexander Rhodes in 2011 on the social media site Reddit. Since its creation, NoFap’s community has grown to almost 500,000 members – a number which is growing all the time.

The NoFap community helps people in a number of ways. Primarily, there is a forum which contains thousands of posts from users about their experience either combatting or overcoming porn addiction. On the website there is a section called the NoFap academy – the users of the website are dubbed ‘Fapstronauts’ – which includes videos, e-courses and guidance to help people on their way to recovery. NoFap advises porn addiction sufferers to abstain from masturbating to overcome their addictions. There is a panic button on the website which links to a downloadable app with inspirational content for those who feel as if they are about to relapse.

As part of the research process for ‘The Coolidge Effect’, Wonder Fools had the pleasure of interviewing NoFap’s founder and community leader, Alexander Rhodes. We want the show to be based on the experiences of real people who have had to deal with the issues in the piece first-hand. Therefore, speaking to Alexander was thoroughly enlightening and to hear directly both how porn addiction affects people and how NoFap can help was a unique insight that greatly aided our process.

NoFap is one of a number of sites that aim to help people with a porn addiction. Other websites include Your Brain On Porn, which is another forum based website which posts tips and articles focusing on how porn affects the brain. Gary Wilson, who WF blogged about in ‘The Great Porn Experiment, is one of the leading figures behind the website.

Throughout our research, WF have heard many accounts about how websites like NoFap and Your Brain On Porn helped people overcome their porn addiction and gave them a community in which they could talk to others about issues they wouldn’t be able to elsewhere. For more information or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Wonder Fools and please take the time to visit the websites below to find out more.