Wonder Fools Youth Board – Revolting by Bryony Kimmings – Documentary


7 April 2022

Follow the Wonder Fools Youth Board behind the scenes as they prepared and rehearsed for their own unique version of Bryony Kimmings’ Revolting, part of Positive Stories for Negative Times: Season Two. The show premiered at the Traverse Theatre on April 22, 2022.

About the Wonder Fools Youth Board:

The Wonder Fools Youth Board is a collective of young people aged between 16-25 from across Scotland. Over the last year they have been working with seven of the UK’s most exciting voices that were co-commissioned by Wonder Fools and the Traverse Theatre as part of Positive Stories for Negative Times Season Two. 

The seven plays were written specifically for the times we are living in and gave the Youth Board the opportunity to offer dramaturgical support to ensure the plays that were written truly had young people at their hearts. They have been working closely with Wonder Fools since June last year undertaking workshops exploring skills related to reading plays, working with writers, playwriting and creating their own work.

We are delighted to be presenting their first group production of Bryony Kimmings’ ‘Revolting’.

Statement from the Youth Board:

“We all had reasons for picking each of the seven plays, and I’m sure we would have done them all if we were able to. We all raised our points as to why we should do each specific play. Asking ourselves the “why” statements, why us? Why theatre? Why now? This led us to the decision of picking ‘Revolting’ because it’s a process rather than a play. We felt that because we were an experienced group with lots of different talents in different areas, picking a play that could incorporate all this, meant we were able to be creative as much as possible.

We all felt like creating a piece on a subject matter we weren’t all happy with and we wanted to create change and this play gave us the opportunity to make a difference. We are thrilled to be performing in a fantastic venue like the Traverse, with a company like Wonder Fools that listens to and values young people’s thoughts and ideas. In the end, we all had a fair vote and we overwhelmingly voted for ‘Revolting’. We are really excited to get to finally work with each other in person. We have spent a lot of time working on all of the plays and it’s great to see something come out of all the work.” 

Documentary by Carina Haouchine