PSFNT3: The Day The Stampers United by Sara Shaarawi


27 January 2023

Positive Stories For Negative Times: Season Three – The Day The Stampers United

Some say the day the stampers united, it was hot, too hot and everyone sweated through their shirts. Some say the day the stampers united, it was raining, and the warehouse flooded and everyone’s packages got wet. What we do know is that the day the stampers united started out like any other day, but change was in the air because the stampers believed that it was time for everyone to move however they want, at whatever pace they want, in whichever direction they want. This is a tale of how collective action begins with solidarity within the community. Help us tell the tale of how it started, the day the stampers united.


About Sara Shaarawi

Sara Shaarawi is a playwright from Cairo, based in Glasgow. In 2017, Sara began to take on producting projects, most notably project managing the Arab Arts Focus showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and partnering with the Workers Theatre to crowdfund and create Megaphone, a new bursary aimed at supporting artists of colour based in Scotland.

In 2021, Sara’s first play Niqabi Ninja was produced by Independent Arts Project (Edinburgh) in association with Hewar Company (Alexandria), it opened at Shubbak Festival in London, followed by a Scotland-wide tour and a run at the Edinburgh International Festival.

Sara is also an occasional performer, performing in rehersed readings and often comperes events in Scotland, such as Chill Habibi and Morning Manifesto.