PSFNT3: Are You A Robot? by Tim Crouch


20 February 2023

Positive Stories For Negative Times: Season Three – Are You A Robot?

Two groups of children meet. They look the same; they imagine similar things; they make almost the same noises; they dance in almost the same way. But one group is a digital version of the other; they are the face we see reflected back to us online; they’re exciting and demanding and hard to live up to. The two groups try to work each other out and decide if they can exist together. This is a joyful collision between real and fake, perfect and imperfect, human and robot. It’s an investigation into – and a celebration of – humanness. The cast can be as big as you like. This play could be in the round. It doesn’t have to be in a theatre.

About Tim Crouch

Tim is a playwright, director, performer and theatre maker based in Brighton, UK. He was an actor before he started to write and he still performs in much of his work.

Tim’s plays are characterised by an attention to their audience. There is a devotion to the liveness of theatre and a recognition that the audience are the ultimate collaborators in the creation of meaning at the point of performance. The plays are meticulously scripted but engineered in such a way to ensure that no two performances are identical. From the inanimate objects donated by the audience in My Arm, to the unrehearsed second actor in An Oak Tree, to the audience writing in I, Cinna (the poet) and their reading in Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation, to the audience embodying otherness in ENGLAND and Truth’s a Dog Must to Kennel. Tim’s plays are narratively driven but pay as much attention to their form as to their story.